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Carley Johnson’s 5 Step Formula on How to Produce a High Selling Product


On Thursday 28th October 2021 fashion wholesale and brand launch expert Carley Johnson gave a highly informative masterclass on ‘How to Produce a High Selling Product.’

The 2-hour Zoom session was packed full of industry insider tips, check lists and insight to ensure your product idea is thoroughly researched and has customer demand from the outset. Carley explained that meticulous research months before going into development results in a product that can practically ‘sell itself’.

She began the session by introducing herself and explaining about all the brands and fashion sectors she has worked with over the years. Now based in Australia, Carley has clocked up 12+ years of industry experience that she now shares in her popular online fashion courses alongside her business consultation service. Her mission is to help brands achieve sales growth with a strong focus on ecommerce.

Carley swiftly moved on to the core topic where her session took a deep dive into this 5 step formula:

Each area was discussed in-depth with Carley giving lots of pointers and examples of free tools that can help a brand thoroughly research their idea. Each topic had its own set of check lists so that the process could be simply understood and followed.

Brands have to establish the idea that their audience is already out there along with data driven demand for their specific product. Carley was adamant that ‘producing to demand’ and keeping to lean and sustainable practices is the way the industry needs to work and that the days of high volume and discounting are behind us.

She went on to discuss how to identify market demand as your starting point and said that all brands should set aside a day or two a month to simply work through and analyse data relating to your product. Keyword searches along with where is your target audience shopping, how often is your key product is being searched, shoppers habits, hashtag trends and what are your competitors doing. 

She gave three examples of free tools that can offer excellent data on key word searches:

> Ubersuggests

> Google Trends

> Ahrefs 

And suggested that brands track and report their findings on spreadsheets to help whittle down the information and relating it to their own brand concept and products. 

Carley’s two-hour session was packed full of useful information and there was a lot to take on board. As with her previous masterclasses on Omnichannel Strategy and What it Take to Launch a Successful Fashion Business the session was recorded so that attendees could revisit and go over the information provided.

The session ended with questions from attendees, with one in particular discussing the idea of using couriers to provide ‘try before you buy’ services.

A big thank-you to Carley for such a brilliant masterclass. Her next masterclass ‘How to Wholesale’ is scheduled for 18th November 2021.

If you are interested in receiving recordings from Carley’s masterclasses please contact: jenni@fashion-enter.com 

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