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ASOS.com Stay Ahead of the Game by Continually Upgrading Their Online Offer


While 2017 Christmas trading figures have made for dire reading for many up and down the UK high street, online retail giant ASOS.com have reported on rising sales. From unpredictable weather to severe discounting the clothing market has never been so trying. ASOS.com state that along with a constant turnaround of on-trend stock the company has set a new standard for speed and ease of returns, which plays a key part in their success.

ASOS.com has acquired 2.6 million active customers year-on-year, a 19% increase, with UK customers enjoying new fulfilment methods such as ‘Try Before You Buy’ and same-day delivery via ‘ASOS Instant’. Implementing these new shopping options has seen ASOS customers spending more with average basket value increasing 3% and order frequency up 8%.

(Image right: ASOS.com CEO, Nick Beighton with Jenny Holloway centre and MP Margot James at the Fashion  Enter Factory earlier this month.)

ASOS.com CEO, Nick Beighton said, “Velocity in our technology programmes continued, with a record number of releases. Our customer proposition was further enhanced in the UK with the launch of ‘Try Before You Buy’ and ‘ASOS Instant’, our same day delivery proposition.

“Following this strong start to the year, we remain confident in our full year guidance and delivery of our planned investments in infrastructure to support our global ambitions.”

Pini Yakuel, founder and CEO of customer relationship experts Optimove, comments on ASOS.com’s success: “Their smooth returns policy has enabled ASOS to steamroller many other brands and build a hugely loyal customer base. Although many retailers assume that customers who return orders are a costly pain, we’ve uncovered the dramatic impact that returns have on customer loyalty.

“Customers who return even just a single order are far more likely to come back and shop with that brand again. New customers who return at least one order in their first three months are 67 percent more likely than customers who haven’t returned anything to come back and make another order in the next six months.

“The prominence of online brands in the retail mix is shifting the battlegrounds on which retailers will win or lose customers. Attitudes towards returns are a key shift that brands like ASOS are making in consumers’ mentality.”

Jenny Holloway CEO of FashionCapital & Fashion Enter adds: “It’s a high street revolution! These are phenominal figures that reflect the demand-now of the current consumer. No one is prepared to wait for fashion – it’s fashion on tap and ASOS is the online retailer that supplies a breath of product like no other!

“We are now 100% ASOS (ASOS garments are manufactured in Fashion Enter’s North London factory) and they are a genuine pleasure to work with. Today we had an example of real team effort – we were working to achieve a set target for a new development and we just couldn’t make it happen. So what did we do? We rang up the buyer and told her the truth and she worked with us so we both ended with a happy compromise: the classic win-win. We were not browbeaten, we did not ‘buy’ production at a loss to keep our factory busy – we worked as one. This is Fashion with Integrity.”

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