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ALEXACHUNG Launches the Virginia Collection


Originally establishing her eponymous label ALEXACHUNG in May 2017, fashion model and mogul Alexa Chung, is launching ‘Virginia’, her fourth clothing collection that extracts fundamental references from the iconic Bloomsbury Group.

Pioneering the spirited effervescence that has become identifiable with her brand, Alexa has encapsulated 100 sartorial spring suitable pieces that distribute across ready-to-wear, jewellery and footwear, which collectively embody a jamboree of art, craftsmanship, and self-expression.

Extracted from the collection’s press release: “This season’s inspiration came from writers, painters and sculptors whose lives are filled with created works of beauty. Our muse works in her worn jeans, old t-shirts, borrowed shorts; painting, creating, travelling, loving. Pay close attention to the piping, frills, embroidery and all of the Charleston-inspired prints that make up this collection.” 

Imbuing a modernist and intellectual tendency, this season’s line draws inspiration from the works of British painters Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, the sister of Virginia Woolf, who were acknowledged as central contributors in 20th Century painting and affiliates of the notorious ‘Bloomsbury Group’.

Illustrating a dichotomy amongst unparalleled luxury and the ascetic zeitgeist of the early 1990’s, pieces which echo the lifestyle of the artistic set include sumptuous paisley, oversized ruffle collars and leisurely luxe pyjamas that are bedecked with jacquard. Ultimately, these act as a lavish opposition to the dungarees, paint splattered denim and loose fitting smock dresses.

Bottle green laminated cotton raincoats that also arrive in cream, are practical options for British days spent in the garden, whilst sailor jackets and boxy military coats are reminiscent of times gone by. Assorted suiting and dresses that experiment with an amalgam of silhouettes, trims and necklines additionally feature, as do jersey tees and sweatshirts that are adorned with literature slogans such as ‘Work of Art’, ‘Tawdry Details’, and ‘Put a Spell on You’. Footwear employs a formal albeit relaxed disposition and jewellery showcases accents of Vanessa Bell’s works, which demonstrate the home-grown crafty feel.

Beautifully reflecting the unsung heroes; writers, painters, sculptors, whose lives were and remain infused with wonder, ‘Virginia’ marries an unapologetic femininity with a quintessential twist – radiating the style of the designer in question.

Words by Kate Farley


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