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Industry Expert Carley Johnson Explains How to Wholesale


On the 18th November, fashion wholesale and brand launch expert Carley Johnson, rounded-off her series of 4 in-depth masterclasses with ‘How to Wholesale’. 

Over the 2-hour session Carley clearly explained each of her 5 topics:

  1. Match-making – what stores / platforms are right for you and why. What operating model is right for you and why?
  2. How to profit from wholesale. Getting your pricing right and what a good deal looks like.
  3. Platform criteria.
  4. What a good look book and pitch deck looks like.
  5. How to effectively pitch. Methods in which to gain an appointment.

Carley loves wholesale and she talked about how exciting and important the power of the marketplace is, with Amazon for example, taking over Google as the number 1 search engine for shopping. Having your product on a well-known online platform, such as Amazon, will therefore put your product / brand in front of customers far quicker than a paid marketing campaign or a direct organic search.

She then took a deep dive into each topic explaining every aspect as clearly as possible. Carley also clarified the differences between wholesale, marketplace and dropshipping, and then went through the pro’s and con’s for each operating model. She also advised on the various criteria you need to go through to ensure you are getting a good deal, aside from commission alone, there are lots of variables to look out for from return rates to integration options.

As always Carley delivered a masterclass packed full of information, with suggested templates and insider tips and advice that every small fashion business needs to know. If you missed the live session then this masterclass, along with her previous 3, have been recorded and are now available to purchase for just £20+VAT. Tap here for all the details and to buy.

A big thank-you to Carley, we look forward to more insightful masterclasses in the New Year.

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