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In Production: Germ Trap Snood


Along with production for NHS PPE Fashion-Enter Factory is now on a fourth order in increasing quantities of the ‘Germ Trap Snood.’

This Virustatic Shield, or snood, is the result of 10-years research by Manchester University and Manchester biochemists. The innovative antiviral fabric coating applied to the light snood traps 96 per cent of airborne viruses, including coronavirus. The breakthrough technology originally developed for flu outbreaks blocks airborne droplets and inactivates any viruses within them.

Unlike ordinary masks, scientists say the Virustatic Shield can be worn comfortably for hours at a time and is reusable and ‘harmless to touch after being exposed to germs. It can also be washed several times before losing its anti-viral powers.

Another advantage to the snood is that it moulds to your face and fits everyone, unlike the conventional mask, which can be difficult for children or those with facial hair. The snood is now available to NHS staff, medical workers, patients, carers and the public. To find out more visit: https://www.virustaticshield.com/

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