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How to Start a Fashion Showroom


Would you like to run your own business, be your own boss? Owning a successful business is a dream for many, and in recent years the number of SMEs has seen a dramatic increase in popularity. While traditional high street retail is down, etail is on the up and there has never been a better time to start your own fashion showroom!

This might not seem a simple task, however it surely has a great deal of potential. With the global smart fashion market growing at a brisk pace of 117% (CAGR) during 2016-22, the fashion industry is not facing a recession soon.

Along with being a part of a cyclic uptrend in the business cycle, having a fashion showroom can give you wide access to a network of designers and clients as well!

If you have some entrepreneurial spirit within you, then 2021 could be the time to start your fashion showroom venture.

Understanding the business model of the fashion showrooms

For any designer to select your showroom for product display, it is important that their products get maximum exposure. Thus, it depends on the customer base, location of the showroom, online exposure and the competing brands available in your showroom.

There are two models that can be used for generating the income for your fashion showroom:

Easy Steps to Start a Fashion Showroom

Let us divide the steps to start the fashion showroom into 5 sub-parts, namely:

Research: Conducting research before setting up the store plays a vital role. It includes the following:

Funding: Generating the funds can often be the toughest. Convincing lenders and investors about the potential of your business might need you to show the potential of your stores as well.

Human Resource

Creating the Awareness

Sales and Post Sales support

Top Fashion Showrooms to Take Inspiration From

Showrooms like Mint Showroom, spanning across three cities and their defined niche of brands and products, is just one of many examples to gain insight and inspiration from.

Looking to catch up with the latest trends? The Confessional Showroom is the right option for you! With the coolest accessories and the dankest fashion outfits, these have become a craze with the youth!

New York is slowly blooming to be the perfect place for fashion showrooms. With the growing popularity of trendy fashion opening a fashion showroom in New York could potentially be a nice bet. With more than 40% people lying in the young to mid adult age group, New York has the perfect demographic to start a fashion showroom NYC venture in 2021.

3 Key takeaways for guaranteed success of your Fashion Showroom

For any business to be successful consistently, we need three constants which must never change! No matter how lean your operations become, you must not compromise on the following:

● Ambiance: An ambiance sets the tone of the showroom. With a friendly ambiance and cordial interaction it all helps in making the guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

● CX: Consumer experience is the key to long term success for any organisation. As consumers prefer to have the best of both worlds – quality and price, it is evident that a personalised consumer experience helps in retaining customers!

● Target Consumer: The target market and the target consumer will keep on changing over time. Thus, for the showroom to be successful, a clear notion about the target consumer is necessary. Updating consistently along with market trends will help keep the business evergreen!

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