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How To Select the Right Type of Gym Apparel


Countless individuals from all walks of life head off to the gym on a daily basis. Whether they intend to lose a bit of extra weight, to gain lean muscle mass or simply to stay fit, there are numerous opportunities to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Still, we need to remember that clothing can have a massive impact upon any training session. Not only do you want to appear trendy and stylish, but functionality plays an equally important role. What are some professional suggestions to keep in mind and how can they positively impact your next hardcore session at the gym? These questions deserve a closer look…


Although looking good when hitting the gym is important, durability and functionality can often be sacrificed as a result. Let us remember that quality fitness apparel is meant to endure a fair amount of wear and tear. Certain fabrics are therefore considered better options than others. Cotton, nylon and polyester blends are common examples.

Also, it is wise to choose clothing that is breathable and able to wick sweat away from the body. Not only will this enable you to focus upon your training, but breathable materials are not as likely to accumulate moisture (the salt within sweat can damage clothing and stitching over time). Make it a point to check what types of materials are present within the garment before committing to a purchase.


A hard training session is always challenging. Having said this, it makes little sense to choose apparel that actually hinders a workout. You need to remain comfortable at all times and one of the best ways is to ensure that you select the right size for your unique body type. If you happen to choose form-fitting garments (such as crop tops or tights), make sure that they are tight without feeling overly constrictive. In the event that you require looser clothing, it is prudent to purchase an item that is between one and two sizes too large.

Style and Aesthetics

Style inspires confidence and it can often lead to more enjoyable training sessions. This is why keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends is just as important. For example, the siksilk women’s line now contains many garments perfectly suitable for the gym. A handful of examples include track pants, basketball shorts, retro football jerseys, and oversized cropped hoodies. These also display eye-catching prints and a wide array of stunning colours; ideal for the modern fitness enthusiast.

Seasonal Considerations

Although many of us consider fitness to represent a full-time hobby, the seasons will always change. This is why the type of clothing should reflect certain temperatures and weather conditions. During the warmer months, it is important to wear garments that allow your body to naturally cool itself down. Once again, sweat-wicking fabrics are ideal solutions. When the temperatures outside begin to drop, dressing in layers will help you to remain warm. Each successive layer can then be removed as you progress through a training session.

Most experts agree that bringing a change of clothes in your gym bag is also wise. After all, leaving a heart-pounding fitness session only to become immediately chilled while walking to your car is a sure-fire way to become ill. The good news is that numerous high-quality clothing manufacturers can provide you with stunning garments that are geared towards particular times of the year.

Accessories: The Finer Points

Although clothing often garners the lion’s share of attention, selecting the appropriate accessories should never be overlooked. One crucial consideration involves the type of footwear. In this sense, comfort trumps style. Select a pair of trainers which are comfortable and able to absorb impacts (such as when jogging on a treadmill). Shoes with a slightly higher top can also help to protect your ankles when jumping or performing strenuous activities.

In terms of additional items, these often come down to personal choices. There are nonetheless a handful of additional suggestions to point out including:

As always, it is best to purchase well-known brands and to try to match the appearance of these accessories with your fitness ensemble.

Fitness Fashion: Personality and Pragmatism

These are some of the most effective tips to adopt if you have been hoping to reinvent your current workout ensemble. While fashion and aesthetic appeal are both important, functionality plays an equally crucial role. This is why it is a good idea to discover a balance between these concepts. As always, perform additional online research and keep up to date with the latest fashion news. You will soon find what you have been looking for.

Images from the Belles of London.

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