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How to Look Chic in Spring with A Raincoat


As we enter spring, for many people, it means just one thing and that is getting a step closer to summer! Before we get to the beach weather, however, we have to navigate the spring, and there’s no doubt that spring has the trickiest weather when thinking about fashion and what you are going to wear on a day-to-day basis.

Some days are sunny, some days are cold, some days are a little warmer, there might even be snow, but something that you can always depend on in the spring is the fact that it is going to rain! That means that the one staple item of your seasonal wardrobe that you need the most is a womens raincoat. With this in mind, here are some tips for how to look chic wearing a women’s raincoat in the spring months!

● Black

If you are looking to invest in a raincoat that is going to stand the test of time in terms of style and timeless fashion, then you can’t go wrong with plain black. You might be more familiar with a beige colour for a raincoat, but black is truly neutral in the sense that it will go with any outfit, and it will also never go off trend. You don’t have to worry about looking ‘so last spring’ when you wear a black raincoat because they never go out of style. There is also the added benefit of hiding any pesky wet patches that make it through your umbrella!

● Clear

Of course, if you wanted to go in the completely opposite direction with your style choices, then clear is the way to go! It’s really all about the quality of the garment with a clear raincoat because you don’t want to go too cheap and end up looking like you are wearing a disposable poncho at a music festival. Look for a clear raincoat that is still very structured in its design. You want people to still see that you are wearing a tailored coat, even if it is see-through! This is perfect for those who don’t want to waste their spring wardrobe underneath a black or beige coat all season. It means you can still show off your favourite spring fashions.

● Pair with Boots

The boots that you choose to pair with your raincoat can be just as important as the coat itself. A classic ankle welly boot makes for the perfect raincoat partner, giving almost a feel of festival chic whilst still being totally practical for the everyday world. Try to find a pair of boots that matches your raincoat in colour, and you will be on to a winner.

● Lightweight

You don’t want a raincoat that is going to weigh down, both physically and in a wider fashion sense. The lighter the material, the better it is going to look and feel when added to what you are already wearing. Layering is very important in spring fashion, so you don’t want your top layer to being something that overpowers the rest of your wardrobe.

It is worth investing in a classic raincoat in a forever colour. It will last you for years and never go out of fashion.

Images courtesy of https://www.petit-bateau.co.uk/

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