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How to Find Inspiration for Your Designs


Fashion is an art form, and as a designer, you might find yourself having days where you are struggling to feel inspired. This can be frustrating at times, particularly if you are working to a deadline to come up with sketches for a new collection. It’s not uncommon to have days where the creative juices simply aren’t flowing, but rather than panic or bang your head against the wall, there are things you can do to help find some inspiration. If you have recently found yourself struggling to have that creative epiphany, try out the following.

It’s simple, but can be very effective! If you have felt stuck in a rut, sometimes getting out of your workspace and breathing in some fresh air can help to reset your mind. Taking a stroll around the city, or better yet, in the peaceful countryside, can help you get focused. Listening to some calming music or whatever helps you to get in the creative zone might also be beneficial, allowing you to switch off from the world around you and get lost in thought as you walk around.

If you have some ideas that you like, but you’re struggling to put them together into a coherent plan for your designs, it could be time to start brainstorming. You can do this alone, or ask a trusted colleague or friend to help you with this process. If you have a whiteboard or a large piece of paper, use this to write down your keywords and phrases to help you see things clearer in your mind’s eye. If you haven’t started your mood board already for your designs, perhaps use this as a proto-board of sorts, and add images, fabric samples, etc. as and when you want to.

Another great way to help you feel inspired is by looking at other talented artists. While paintings, photography, etc., are different kinds of art forms to fashion design, you can still be incredibly inspired by the colours used, the lighting, brush strokes, or the finer details. Visit somewhere like this stunning Private Art Gallery London to see some other talented creatives and see if they can stir something in you through their work.

You can always turn to some of your favourite designers from years gone by if you’re feeling as though you have hit a wall creatively. This can be a good way to remind you why you got into fashion design in the first place, particularly if you’re feeling a little bit defeated. While your designs must always be yours, you can still take inspiration from styles from previous decades, and perhaps a detail used by one of your favourite designers could spark an idea for you too.

Final Thought

If you are a fashion designer who is struggling to find inspiration for your next collection, consider these suggestions and see if they can help you to get the creative kick you need.

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