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How the Galaxius System Transformed Fashion Enter’s Factory


The Galaxius digital system allows manufacturing businesses to see exactly what garment is being made and where, which enables them to have absolute transparency with retailers and consumers. The connected smart system allows the factory to collect data about operations, and carry out Just in Time and lean strategies, where time is money.

After four years of trading the Fashion Enter Ltd Factory continued at a loss – the machinists, with guaranteed hourly pay, were not incentivised to improve productivity and generic output continued to spiral downwards from month to month.

It was then Fashion Enter started to work with Mark Randle on Galaxius following a visit to Leanne Fashions in Leicestershire.

Galaxius enhances the facilities available and ensures ethical trading by scanning in the start and end times of pre-timed operations. The system also provides a performance related pay structure enabling machinists to hit bonuses. The system currently handles hundreds of live orders, juggling thousands of data inputs with many garment line productions being recorded.

Mark perfected the system to allow:

– Total transparency on the work force – we know exactly who made the exact stitch and when.

– Reconciliation of hours and money earnt directly from the online critical path.

– Quality standards are not compromised whatsoever as every garment has traceable ID back to the machinists.

– The online system allows buyers to access the different areas of critical path giving greater transparency of when the fabric arrives, garments are cut, stitched etc.

– Shortages are highlighted in the system.

– Cut figures can be compared to delivered figures to ensure that cabbage is not being made.

– At the end of the final AQL the bar code can identify exactly who made the garment. This includes photo ID of individuals.

The implementation of Galaxius resulted in a major increase in productivity as the workforce were now incentivised to create quality production. However, there was initial resistance especially by the slower performing machinists. Two walked out immediately but the rest of the staff saw that performance related pay could result in higher rates of pay.

Within a month the system was fully integrated into the factory and within two months the factory moved from a loss-making centre to a break even and today the factory generates a surplus consistently with average rates of pay being £12 per hour and the highest earner is on £17 per hour.

Performance related pay works when the work is attributable to machinists and there is transparency. If there are quality issues then the clock stops and repairs have to be made in the machinists’ own time and this is fully accepted.

CEO Jenny Holloway comments:

“Without Galaxius we would have ceased trading in 2015. Production was spiralling downwards every season and staff became demotivated – they were certainly not incentivised in any way.

“The total transparency of Galaxius also ensures that not only do we now know exactly who made the clothes we also know when and how long they took to make the garments too. Galaxius is invaluable to any and all factories and has significantly contributed to us being awarded the Leading Status in the Fast Forward audit. Sincere thanks to the source code owner Mark Randle.”    

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