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H&M Reopen London Flagship Store with New Rental Service


H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) have reopened their London flagship store on Regent Street to offer a range of new circular and customer services. These include: H&M Rental, Beauty Bar, one of Europe’s biggest Generative artworks and an elevated fashion experience celebrating style. 

Customers to the store will notice a welcoming entrance with fashion curated and presented in an inspirational way where digital elements create an immersive experience, as well as a warmer, more welcoming interior and relaxed environment. 

“We are very excited to be launching H&M Rental in the UK,” says H&M Brand Sustainability Manager Pascal Brun. “H&M Rental is a part of our circular service which enables customers to explore new styles and expressions without buying the garment. Own the style, not the garment.” 

H&M Rental offers female and male customers the option to rent clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories selected from special H&M collections and archive pieces in assorted sizes. Customers can rent items for a maximum of seven days, allowing customers to experiment with their style in an affordable way. Customers can view the assortment on the H&M app, but the exact offer will only be available in their Regent Street store. To use H&M Rental, customers must first become H&M Members. 

H&M, along with many leading fashion chains, are experimenting with new sustainable concepts that balances the need for inspirational style with environmental concerns. With the addition of H&M Rental there is H&M’s Garment Collection and Recycling service. Launched in 2013, H&M’s Garment Collection and Recycling scheme allows customers to donate any unwanted clothes and textiles, by any brand, whilst shopping in-store. All donated items are recycled with 0% going to landfill. To encourage customers to use their Garment Collection programme H&M offer points in addition to a digital voucher. 

Also adding to the customer experience is generative artwork that offers a creative display feature allowing customer to interact with the digital technology in real time. The artwork is a generative system that continuously evolves throughout the day, responding to customer activity on the escalator. While a Beauty Bar in partnership with Dashl offers various treatments including nails, brows, and lashes. 

The store reopened on 24th November 2022 and Chris Clare, Expansion Manager for H&M U.K. & Ireland said:“We’re super excited to share our new Regent Street store with our customers who will enjoy our new concepts and services. Our wide-ranging assortment and the launch of Rental, Beauty Bar and the Generative artwork all add to our customers experience when shopping in store. We’re also thrilled to be partnering with several of London’s creative talents over opening period. By partnering with these creatives, we aim to celebrate how we’re woven into the fabric of the community, not just the clothing.” 

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