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N17 Creative Callings: Highly Recommended for Your Creative Business


Since the latter part of 2019 the Fashion-Enter team have been involved with the innovative N17 Creative Callings business support initiative. The programme offers free vital advice, support, facilities, training, masterclasses and more to creative businesses within the N17 Haringey region of north London. We hope the initiative will roll out to include more boroughs as we have seen some brilliant talent come through our doors and we have been able to give them that extra bit of knowledge or mentoring to ensure that their business is on the right path to success.

The N17 Creative Callings project has the following objectives at its core:

So far we have worked with many individuals based in the creative fields of fashion, pattern cutting and production services, trend forecasting, animation and more. Depending on the business we have a team of experts that can support and advise in specific areas such as finance, legal advice, production processes, sales and promotion.

Watching individuals gain the knowledge and skills to ensure business growth has been a real highlight for the entire team. Two recent examples include: Nick and his clothing brand First Principals, Nick joined the programme in October with a view to growing a financially sustainable business that is embedded within the local community. This means that in addition to designing, manufacturing and selling clothing, the business will be involved in local community projects and collaborations with other local businesses and organisations. He is receiving expert industry advice on his brand and is learning to sew and pattern cut at the Fashion Technology Academy along with receiving tailored one-to-one business mentoring.

N17 Creative Callings recipient Nick ‘First Principals’

Nick commented: “I have been introduced to the Welsh Government, a shepherdess, learnt how to sew and now I am on a pattern making course. N17 Creative Callings is the most comprehensive support initiative I have ever come across and it’s tailor made for me and my business – First Principals. Definitely recommend joining this free program if you live in Haringey.” 

Jenny Holloway mentoring Nick

Another recipient Chema joined the programme in January looking for support and guidance with his fashion brand Chema Diaz and the J’Adore Hardcore range. His business goals included the need to improve his production, gain reliable suppliers, increase points of sale, strengthen brand recognition, hire employees and to find an investor.

Chema in one of his designs – image by Francesc Cardona

Following the first mentoring session with Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway business goals were defined and a plan of action put in place. Alongside regular one-to-one mentoring sessions Chema has also joined the Level 2 pattern cutting course to hone in on his understanding of the design and sampling process.

N17 Creative Callings recipient Chema ‘J’Adore Hardcore’

Chema commented: “Joining the N17 Creative Callings program has meant I have a mentor that understands and wants the very best for me. I have had so much help with legal matters, I am on a free course for pattern cutting and I have help whenever I need it to make sure my J’Adore Hardcore range is perfect in all respects. I did not expect this program to be this good – the people here are amazing. Every meeting we’ve had makes me feel very empowered and confident with my brand and work.”

What N17 Creative Callings can do for you…

One-to-one tailored mentoring

We will develop a tailored support package by reviewing your current situation and identify strengths and weaknesses. We discuss future direction, additional learning, business plans and set out achievable goals. We have experienced mentors with knowledge in several creative sectors.

Free fabric

Do you need fabric for your collection? We can help by providing free fabrics and advice on what fabric to use.

A free course in patterns, stitching or tailoring 

Learn how to make garments with a short course of your choice!

Free masterclasses with industry experts! 

Attend a series of fashion masterclass with industry experts for free. Topics include ‘how to sell online’ and ‘how to do your own PR.’

Networking – putting you in touch with the right people

Remember the saying – ‘it’s not what you know but who you know!’ It’s always good to network and get your business out there. Both Fashion-Enter Ltd and Collage Arts are involved with industry events and exhibitions.

Fashion-Enter Ltd has additionally held a series of factory tours, career’s advice and open house events to a selection of local schools, colleges and individuals offering insight, guidance and opportunities.

Year 10 students from Heartlands High School in Haringey commented on their career’s event and tour:

“I found the demonstrations on the different machines really useful. It was an overall enjoyable experience.”

“It was useful to find out the skills required to recruit a worker into a specific type of business.”

“I found it useful to learn about the different career paths and that some people do care about community and ethics.”

Visit the N17CC website to find out more about the programme.

If you would like to get involved in this free, supportive programme please contact us at: hello@n17creativecallings.com

Co-funded by the Mayor of London and European Social Fund

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