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Handbag Trends Heading into 2020


Handbags are one of those accessories that most of us utilize daily. Practical and more often than not a style statement, high end designers understand how a complimentary handbag range can enhance a collection as well as pick up on those all-important sales. Choice is in plentiful supply so what are the key handbag trends heading into 2020….


There are handbags for every possible purpose and all the classics are there: clutch, tote, shoulder bags, sling bags, cross body, waist bags, backpacks, purses, pouches, micro and more, however a key trend that unites them all is playfulness, whether its fluffy textures, bold checks or a new take on everyday items such as cable cars at Chanel or dollar bills at Moschino.


The most popular and durable material leather continues to top the list. Followed by bags made of cotton canvas, nylon, or straw to denim, vinyl and synthetic rubbers – such as neoprene. Mesh and velvet, quilting and faux fur also make the grade. A classic bag made from quality materials can last a lifetime to become one of those revisited accessories time and time again. Prada is one designer that understands how a good handbag can upgrade an outfit in an instant take a look at Prada at fashionette.

The Tote:

If you asked a number of people what they would choose among all the handbag styles if asked to choose just one, the answer would most likely be the tote. The tote has every attribute and functionality a handbag must possess. It is roomy enough to take a lot of things but not that bulky. It can be stylish, well designed and enhance the overall personality with maximum elegance of the individual carrying it. It gives you enough compartments and smaller pockets to store things properly and has two handles to carry it with ease. Plus it’s one of those trends that never gets old, and is such that it can be styled in infinite ways to bring something new out of a classic style.

The Chain Strap:

Shoulder bags and purses with chain straps remain classic and timeless and the latest designer collections for 2020 reveal their popularity once again. Small purses with a bulky chain straps, cross body bags with long chains, totes with double chain straps, and handbags with chains adhered to the leather handle. All types of chain strap handbags and purses are perfect for having that distinct, elegant and sleek look. Many also opt for a chain strap along the top handle, and there are plenty of those types already available on the market.

Coin Bags with a new Twist:

Coin bags seem to have been trending since forever. They come in both small and medium in shape and size. The small ones are pretty handy to fit in shoulder bags and totes to store and find little things like coins, keys, or jewellery. To bring a new twist to the old trend coin bags have been designed in such a way that they appear and are worn like jewellery.

Unique Shapes:

Bags which come in the shape of a box, cube, or circle are indeed the result of a designer’s ‘out of the box’ thinking. Such distinct and unique shapes will further express the individual’s personality. Carrying such shaped handbags or thinking of making handbags of such shapes were out of questions even a few years back. However these more unusual shaped bags have become more prominent over the last two seasons and the trend is set to continue to grow as we head into 2020.

Animal Prints and Textures:

A simple leather bag can look versatile and interesting with the addition of animal print or texture on it. There are snakeskin leather bags, crocodile embossed handbags with chain straps, handbags with tiger stripes and leopard spots, there seems to be no end to the animal print trend, which is set to continue well into 2020. Such designs can add a fun twist to a plain outfit and bring a fresh and unique look with the addition of prints and textures.

Combining a mix of classic styles and materials with the latest trends provide some great investment options with handbags that not only look stylish now but will continue to do so well into the future.

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