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Gloria Fashions Tailoring Featured in D Day Commemorative Event


Marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day commemorative events have taken place all week in remembrance of those that fought and died in the largest seaborne invasion in history.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines worked alongside The Royal British Legion and Arena Travel for a very special D-Day ‘Voyage of Remembrance’. Departing from Dover on Sunday 2nd June and following the same route as the brave soldiers involved in the Battle of Normandy, sailing to Le Havre, France, on 6th June 2019.

Sailing on board Boudicca, up to 300 D-Day veterans, accompanied by their carers, visited ports on both sides of the English Channel for a series of commemorative events. Meanwhile the Fred Olsen crew were doing ‘Made in Britain’ proud with their quality British made jackets, trousers and bell-boy hats – made right here by the Gloria Fashions tailoring team at Fashion Enter’s Factory in North London.

David King runs the family business he said: “Tailoring is a fine art and this is exactly the skillset of our heritage brand Gloria Fashions. My father started this company in 1956 and since then we have been bastions of high quality tailoring. This is a family tradition with my wife Jan and my daughter Mandy carrying on the high quality standards of premium tailoring. We are now looking to expand our tailoring to other ferry companies and quality brands in the uniform business. 

“As seen on TV our uniforms made for Fred Olsen were showcased for the D Day ‘Voyage of Remembrance’ on the cruise ship Boudicca. It is great to see our garments on TV and the images right shows the exacting standards required for quality British made jackets and trousers.

“We are experiencing a growth of orders at the moment so it’s exciting times ahead and we’re looking forward to moving into the new Tailoring Unit next door.” 

The proposed opening of Fashion-Enter’s Tailoring Unit where Gloria Fashions will be based will be situated in Unit 4 Crusader Estate – next door to Fashion-Enter’s current Factory and their Fashion Technology Academy. The unit will also house the new Tailoring Academy offering Qualifications from Level 1 – 5 plus apprenticeships such as Level 5 Bespoke Tailoring and is due to open in September 2019.

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