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Getting into the Sports Fashion Industry: Expert Tips


Sports fashion is one of the least explored segments of the industry. While there are a lot of players that specialise in sports fashion as a product category, there aren’t as many players compared to other segments in the fashion market. The rapid growth of the market itself – with more people exercising regularly – makes this segment particularly appealing.

Breaking into the sports fashion industry isn’t as difficult as you think. There is plenty of room for exploration in terms of design and the market itself. Before you decide to start your own sports fashion start-up, however, there are a few important tips from our resident fashion experts that you need to know first.

Learn About the Segments

The sports fashion market is unique, mainly because there are specific segments inside the sports fashion genre. Before you can effectively approach the market, you need to understand the specific market segment you want to target.

This means identifying the different classifications of products in each market category, and then taking extra steps to understand the respective target market. The more you understand your potential customers, the more you can design products that they actually love.

Gain Industry Insights

Entering the sports fashion industry isn’t just about getting the design and product right. It is also about understanding the needs of your target customers. Some of the best designers in the sports fashion segment are actually very passionate about sports themselves.

I know a few designers who underwent advanced training or completed E-learning PT training in order to better understand the industry. They also took the learning experience as an opportunity to build a stronger, more relevant, and more contextual network.

As you begin to penetrate the market, those insights – and the network you have developed – are invaluable. You will be able to design fashion pieces – products – that meet the market needs perfectly. Speaking of meeting market needs….

Design to Solve Problems

Designing sports fashion items is a complex process. There are extra layers to go through before your products are perfectly aligned with the needs and wants of the customers. The simplest approach to take is starting your design process by finding problems to solve in the market.

When you can solve problems already existing on the market, you are taking steps towards the right direction. Solving actual market problems gives your fashion pieces a competitive advantage that other products don’t always have.

Market Like a Pro

That brings us to the final piece of the puzzle: getting marketing right. Designing incredible products alone isn’t enough. For the sports fashion start-up to be successful, you also need to get the marketing right. In order to nail your first marketing campaigns, you need to understand the market segments you are targeting.

I know. The tip sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The sports fashion industry is a lot about getting intimate with the customers. It is a cycle that has the ability to take your new fashion start-up to incredible heights. However, the tips and tricks we discussed in this article will make the whole process of penetrating this $180 billion market easier.

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