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Gain Essential Fashion Skills Within Months


Since 2012 Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) realised that there was a large gap in the skills requirement for fashion production including stitching and pattern cutting. Demand for on-shore production was on the increase and the industry was crying out for a new wave of skilled workers. With very little standards or courses in place FEL set to work to create industry required qualifications that would support a new generation of UK based industrial machinists and pattern cutters.

Now in 2022 we are pleased to have taught these essential skills amongst others to hundreds of individuals at our campuses in Haringey, Islington, Leicester and Wales. 

Whether you are a fashion designer, brand developer, or wanting to carve out a career on the production side, these accredited Level 1 courses provide the perfect building blocks in garment construction.

We are pleased to be able to offer these Level 1 courses for free for those that are unemployed or on a low income (below £21,157), over 19 and live in a London borough. 

10-years on from the launch of the initial Stitching Academy and the creation of the qualifications by FEL and Skills and Education Group here is what some of the learners have said…
“I’ve been learning new skills and having an amazing tutor Ana to guide me through.”

“It was insightful having people working on different tasks around at all times and to get inspired and learn from them.”

“I really enjoyed nearly everything about the course. It was a great experience and I have never enjoyed going to school!” 

“I learnt to stitch with a flat bed, overlocker, cover stitch and binding machine as well as cutting the fabric more effectively and creating garments.”

“I enjoyed seeing the development and improvements of my skills.”

The next start date for both Level 1 in Stitching and Patterns commences Monday 27th June.

Tap here to find out more about these accredited courses at Fashion-Enter’s Fashion Technology Academy.

Or email: jenni@fashion-enter.com to enquire about a free place.

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