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From the Metaverse to Miami – Welcome to Digital & On – Demand Fashion


The Fashion-Enter team have been thrilled to work with Louise Lang and her latest venture PhygitalTwin. Louise has an impressive fashion CV and, like many of us during the Covid pandemic, she questioned the traditional business model and the amount of excess and waste caused by the industry.

This marked the start of PhygitalTwin, a brand new concept brand that straddles the metaverse with reality. The brand uses state of the art Web3technology to create and transform unique digital fashion into physical fashion on-demand. The concept democratises fashion by removing traditional start up costs for starting a fashion line. Allowing anyone to be creators of their own designs.

PhygitalTwin can support content creators and influencers who already have engaged audiences to develop their own phygitalfashion collections. From dressing avatars in the metaverse to making unique garments come to life in reality. Fashion-Enter’s micro factory concept in north London provides the perfect option for high quality, sustainable, on-demand production.

Over the last two months the FEL Fashion Studio team have been working with Louise on her King of Phygital’s range that can be worn in the metaverse and also made-to-order. On the 5th May items from the range were worn by DJ Julian Banks and various influencers at the prestigious Miami Race Nights event and the feedback has been amazing.

DJ Julian Banks and Louise Lang wearing King of Phygital at Miami Race Nights

Louise commented: “So grateful to the team for all the hard work that you’ve done. The samples look incredible.” 

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway said: “It’s been absolutely fantastic working with Louise and seeing her amazing collection for King Carl X develop but the one point that really stood out for me was…you still need the skills of the machinists! Great to be working with such an amazing visionary and entrepreneur.” 

Both PhygitalTwin and FEL are ESG driven with a forward drive towards a sustainable and waste-free industry.

Meet Louise and hear her explain the Phygital concept

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