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Free Coaching With Debbie Quick For Fashion Enter Students


As a part of her Diploma in Transformational Coaching Debbie Quick is offering free coaching sessions for those studying with Fashion Enter.

What a coaching session can offer you:

Coaching provides non-judgemental, open, collaborative and confidential space where the focus is on what matters to you and the goals you would like to achieve. A coaching space gives an opportunity to creatively explore new possibilities in life by working together to build on your existing strengths, consider your options, your personal values and move towards your identified goals.

This maybe when going through a time of change, when feeling stuck or held back, or simply when you would appreciate some structured support to bring about change in your life.

Life can be busy and complex, and sometimes finding a space to take a step back and understand yourself and your situation better, in order to consider new options, is not always easy to find. Coaching sets out to offer you that space.

Reasons for coaching are very diverse but can include:

✦ developing communication skills

✦ establishing and taking action towards achieving goals

✦ gaining more job and life satisfaction

✦ preparing for a job interview

✦ wanting to relate to people more effectively

✦ starting a new business venture

✦ encountering a period of transition or change

✦ considering new direction in life

For those interested, Debbie is available on Friday 15th and next Wednesday 20th June. An initial one-to-one 30-minute session will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. After that, if agreed, then three 60-minute coaching sessions will be available. Please contact jenni@fashion-enter.com to book a time.



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