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Frasers Group Buys More Shares and Yet Made in UK is Pushed to the Sidelines


Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group is on a mission! Snapping up brands and taking increasing stakes in leading UK etailers. Only two weeks ago they were Boohoo Group PLC’s biggest single shareholder – now they’re even bigger with a 15.1% shareholding owning 191.8 million shares. 

In August the same buying spree occurred with ASOS.com taking almost a 20% holding in the fashion business.

What about the supply chain though? How are these retailers going to get those emerging trends on the high street and online without nimble and ethical fashion production?

Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO, Jenny Holloway said: “About nine months ago I wrote (twice) to Michael Murray, CEO at Frasers Group inviting him to review the UK’s amazing manufacturing base and all the enormous benefits we manufacturers have to offer! 

Print to demand

To name a few…

– make to demand with our micro factory 

– print to demand – Kornit Digital

– no more sampling – Style3D

– repairs and alterations

– reprocessing 

Resulting in:

“And that’s not even touching on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings that need to be addressed.”

Let’s not neglect the UK supply chain. There’s so much the UK has to offer!

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