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Four Tips To Start Your Own Fashion Jewellery Line


While anyone who starts any kind of business will tell you it takes a lot of patience, dedication and hard work to create and make a start-up work, that at the end of the day it is worth it for the creative buzz and the sense of satisfaction it brings. Ever wondered what it might take to set up a fashion jewellery line?

Here are four tips to help you on your way.

+ Who do you want to design for?

Who will your target customers be, and do you know your demographic inside out? It’s no good if you have a great idea for a product but then market it to the wrong people. Before you make any plans, decide on who your target market is and make sure you are aware of their social backgrounds, their aspirations and their lifestyles.

+ What do you want to design?

Jewellery covers so many different niches from fashion pieces, to exquisite gemstones and even timepieces and designer luxury watch brands like Hublot watches. Find your niche, or which area of jewellery you want to focus on and then stick to it. You should never just design a random hotchpotch of ideas and pieces that have no cohesion. Consumers tend to want pieces that work together or are all in similar styles.

Your brand also must have a story to tell its consumers. Does what you design have some connection to past traditions or a specific heritage? Or do you simply want to design for millennials who want the most up to date fashions?

+ What do you want your price point to be?

Along with considering the type of designs you want to create, comes thinking about the price point. A designer gemstone or luxury watch brand will have a price tag to match all the craftsmanship that goes into the pieces, not to mention thinking about how such items might appreciate in value over decades to come.

Fashion jewellery may start at lower price points but can also appreciate in value, depending on how collectible it becomes. You’re going to compete in a large market and will need to set your prices accordingly. You won’t be able to compete with global brands that advertise on a large scale, so focus on where you CAN make a difference. Keep your prices low, but not so low you can’t afford to maintain your business.

+ Design a website that counts

The digital age means that there are very few retailers that can get away without having a website these days. Many start-ups do their best business through their online shop. Your products will need to be listed with pinpoint accuracy with sizing, composition, pricing and all your contact information.

Make sure you invest in professional photographs, that are partly static pictures of the jewellery, but also try to focus on some that show the designs being modelled in real life too, to show how they can be styled.

You’ll need a blog which is regularly updated too, which showcases your work, what you’re up to and provides a talking point to bring consumers to your business.

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