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Five 90s Fashion Items that are Seriously Back on Trend


The 90s were the time of Tamagotchi’s and brick-sized mobile phones. When people had to dial up to get onto the internet, and Beanie Babies were seen as a great investment. It was when girl bands and boy bands ruled the music stage, and of course classics such as Friends and Clueless were released. Let’s not, of course, forget the monumental heartbreaker that was Titanic or Forrest Gump. When the biggest news was the OJ Simpson trial, and the biggest celebrity tragedy was Princess Diana’s Death. It was the time of Yo-Yos and The Macarena. It was also the time fashion took a new turn altogether.

Though Yo-Yos might not come back into fashion, and our phones are more powerful than ever, there are some great things about the 90s that are making a comeback, including these top five fashion statements:

Birkenstock Sandals

Back then, socks and sandals were a thing. Though we definitely don’t recommend bringing that particular look back out, the sandals that were worn back then are definitely back on trend now. Birkenstock sandals or sliders are a summer staple and feature many different colours (including the ever-popular metallic range).


Dungarees are adorable, which is why we are loving their return! Initially made famous back when Friends was on the air, and Rachel Green wore them several times during those first seasons of the hit TV show. Today they have been modernized, and look sleek, chic, and in some cases incredibly stylish. That is why we are so excited that dungarees and pinafores are back in style.

Slip Dress

Calvin Klein might not have invented the slip dress, but he definitely popularised it in the 90s. Who doesn’t remember that scene in Clueless where Cher walks out in a stunning slip dress? Today, thankfully, the dress is very much back in fashion. Wear it as is for a great night-look, or bundle up stylishly in layers by wearing a t-shirt or even turtleneck underneath. Double points if you mix up patterns.

Crop Tops

Crop tops and low cut jeans were a staple in the 90s, and though fashion quickly moved on from showing off that much midriff, the crop top is definitely back and more stylish than ever. Paired with 80s high waisted jeans or even older styles of high waisted trousers and skirts, the crop top is an adorable way to show off a hint of skin and forgo the bulk of trying to tuck your shirt in.

Puffer Jackets

Puffy jackets or puffer jackets are incredibly stylish today, but when they were first invented, practicality was the main focus. Thankfully East Coast rappers of the 90s took to wearing them and ascended the practical and incredibly warm puffy jacket into the fashion’s spotlight. Pick up your very own puffy jacket from jack1t.com and when winter rolls around, you will have a cool coat to wear and actually be able to stay warm.

From slip dresses to dungarees, there is a lot about 90s fashion that has been copied over into modern times. That’s why when it comes to a style update this summer, the past is where it’s at.

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