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FEL: Working with Crisis and Donating to the Local Food Bank


Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) has been working with the homeless charity Crisis to create printed tote bags featuring the work of London street artist Fat Cap Sprays. The bags have just been delivered to the Crisis charity shop on Brick Lane and will be available there and at other Crisis stores across London.

On Wednesday 7th December, Fashion Studio Assistant, Gee, offered her volunteering services at the Crisis pop-up store ‘A Call To Garms’ on Savile Row. The pop up was generously supported by the various brands and retailers in the area. The shop was buzzing and included some amazing one-off, tailored gems.  

And that’s not all, if you buy one of our Mystery Upcycling Packs (containing 3 deadstock garments from our ethical factory, trims, thread and more) we will donate 20% to Crisis.

Additionally, FEL staff in Haringey have been donating store cupboard essentials this week to support Tottenham Food Bank.

Gee commented: “I have just dropped off the food donations to Tottenham Food Bank which the staff had donated. The Savile Row pop up was really fun, I got to meet a lot of new people, which has opened up more opportunities for FEL and Crisis, we are going to team up on more projects in the New Year.

“It’s comforting to see that awareness is being raised of how bad the current homelessness situation is in the UK, and it’s predicted to hike next year which is super scary. So, it’s necessary that more brands follow the pop-up scheme like the Savile Row – ‘A Call to Garms’ to donate their deadstock and raise money for this charity instead of letting the tailored garments go into landfill etc. It’s a waste of creation and resources to be just throwing away garments and accessories when we could be using them to help end homelessness. Crisis have just announced that they raised £110,000 from the Savile Row pop up shop, amazing news!” 

 Tap here to donate to Crisis at Christmas

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