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FEL Teams Up with Optitex to Offer 30 Day Free Trial


Fashion-Enter Ltd has partnered with Optitex technology to provide short course learners access to a remote license on a 30-day, free trial basis. Post trial users will then be able to receive special rates on the Optitex license subscription.

This is brilliant news for learners that want to continue to develop and utilise their skills on completion of the 3-day Optitex course.

Why learn and use Optitex 2D and 3D technology?

Because Optitex software is not only excellent for pattern making but 3D rendering and garment manipulation on avatars.

Optitex enables users to visualise and adapt design and construction without the need for physical sample making, and provides a cost effective and time efficient alternative for the garment development process.

Fashion-Enter Ltd / FTA, Optitex tutor Claire Solley has a wealth of knowledge and has first-hand experience working with leading suppliers. Claire has been teaching Optitex to students and industry professionals for three-years and her next 3-day course will take place Tuesday 3rd – Thursday 5th October 2023.

Tap here to find out more about what the 3-day course will cover and to enquire about further dates please email: education@fashion-enter.com

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