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FCFTA Leicester Opens its Doors for a Free Upcycling Session


In unison with ‘Leicester Giving Day’ – Friday 18th November, the FCFTA Leicester will open its doors to the general public for a free repair and upcycling session.

Leicester Giving Day is a simple but impactful initiative set up by Embark UK, the idea is to help to deliver activities that contribute to improving communities, backed with strategies for business growth. On Friday 18th November participating organisations will set aside the day to reflect on what they do and showcase their work to the general public and provide an open day to those in the local community.

FCFTA Leicester is delighted to be opening its doors to people in Leicester to use the Academy with tutor guidance to upcycle their clothes, do alterations, and give new life to garments and prevent them being discarded and going into landfill.

Recent  statistics revealed that of the 32 billion garments produced for the fashion industry each year, a whopping 64% will end up in landfill. Therefore the more we can do to encourage upcycling and repurpose of garments the better.

The Academy will be open for the event from 10am – 3pm on Friday 18th November, 2nd Floor, Unit 1, Black & Yellow Building, 30 Stonebridge St, Leicester LE5 3PA.

The use of machines and teaching assistance is Free and there is end-of-life fabric and trims that can be bought at very low prices to support with your repurpose project.

FEL Deputy CEO Jackie said:  “We would love to welcome those in the local community to come and use the Academy and help bring new life into an old garment.”

To reserve a place please contact: Divya@Fashion-Enter.com

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