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FC Designer Collective: Diva Choice


Each week FashionCapital will shine a spotlight on one of their creative talents stocked at the FC Designer Collective on Fonthill Road, London N4. This week it’s the turn of Tricia Blake, owner and founder of Diva Choice.

Specialising in statement jewellery, swimwear, lingerie and accessories the ethos of Diva Choice is to empower and bring out every woman’s inner diva!

Here Tricia explains how she came up with her concept:

‘I am Tricia Blake (pictured right), owner, and founder of Diva Choice. Before I started my business, I worked as Travel Agent before tragedy struck my family.

‘My three older brothers and my father had all died all within a close timespan of each other. In 2002 my first brother died, and then my father 6-months later. Then in 2008 my second sibling passed and then the third 6-months after that. Understandably this was a lot for me to cope with, half of my family and support system had gone, and I did not want to burden other family members with my grief. For months afterwards friends noticed that I was becoming very agitated and depressed.

‘During this difficult time a friend suggested that I took regular long hot relaxing baths to reduce my stress levels. It seemed like a simplistic idea to a big problem, but I followed the advice adding candles and bath salts for effect. I immediately felt better and stronger. I continued with this routine and used it to reconnect with myself. I ramped up my bath times with petals, luxury bath oils, body butters, mani/pedis and luxury lingerie. It made me feel amazing and ready to take on the world.

‘As my grief began to heal, I started to study our movements as women in general; we are busy being mothers, building our careers, dealing with the rigours of life and hardly take the time to de-stress and relax. Once we feel good about ourselves, everything else around us falls into place.

‘I decided to create ‘Diva Choice’ to contribute to the feel-good factor that women deserve. The ethos of Diva Choice is for women to reconnect with their inner beauty and confidence through, bath products, personal styling, fashion, statement fashion jewellery and various other luxury treats. We offer a range of services that include Pampering Services, Bespoke Gift Boxes, Personal styling/styling and much more.

Diva Choice cuff

‘In 2016 we launched a line of statement fashion jewellery pieces. The jewellery collection is named ‘The Body Art Collection’ that’s because we believe every piece will decorate an area of your body that you choose. From cuffs to body bling, chokers to drop earrings, each piece in the collection is beautiful and striking. We have also been fortunate to work with Sinitta on a collection of body jewellery, which she has worn to various red carpet events.

Diva Choice from the Sinitta collection

‘As a company we have opened pop-up shops to promote our brand, in locations such as Westfield in Stratford, Euston and Oxford Street in London.

‘We now have a concession stand at the FC Designer Collective, I am totally delighted that my sales have beaten expectations and my jewellery is the best seller. Having a physical shop to display my unique pieces has provided a platform for me to grow which is invaluable. Fashion-Enter helps me all the time too with promotion and actually I just couldn’t be happier!’

Diva Choice social media platforms as are follows:

Twitter @divachoice

Instagram @divachoice

Facebook @divachoice2012

View the latest Diva Choice pieces at the:

FC Designer Collective, 113-115, Fonthill Road, London N4 3HH.

Shop opening days / hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 17:00

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