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Fashion Studio Client SukiShufu


At the Fashion Studio, we pioneer and work with an amalgam of amazingly talented brands that are exciting and emerging, one of which is SukiShufu, an uber cool label specialising in athluxury for women. Meticulously crafted and cut to exquisite standards that accentuate the female form, SukiShufu’s designs are equally comfortable to chill out in as they are to work out in when at the gym.

Creative director Caroline White is responsible for the brand’s luxurious, tactile and super comfortable garments, where she aspires to deliver lavish, technical fabrications to contemporary, everyday athluxury. Spotlighting the label’s design aesthetic is what continues to accelerate Caroline’s pioneering vision, taking great pride in being the first to creatively apply gloss materials, as well as velvet and lace that undergo smart technical reconstruction. Now indulging in the fashion industry, Caroline’s current vocation is a million miles away from her previous positions as an ex-Australian gymnast and a banker!

As illustrated on the brand’s online platform, “SukiShufu is pronounced sue-key-shoo-foo. “Suki” is Japanese for “I like” or “favourite” and can also be a feminine name, while Shufu can mean mistress of the house or homemaker.”

With an ethical practice being at the forefront of the label’s sentiments, Sukishufu demonstrates a slow fashion – a cut that is always well-considered, along with style and design, which undergoes much careful thought, accompanied by generic print or styles. Sukishufu has recognised links with existing, although not limited to, LGBT programs such as Fairy Gay Mother Inc, where the brand donates to the cause, aiming to illustrate a balanced and nurturing safe place that targets the youth all over the world.

Currently, on their sixth collection, the brand continues to create athletic luxury for those who run an urban lifestyle, with the introduction of a new high-waist silhouette to their signature leatherback leggings that are seen rendered in striking prints and patterns set against shades of the deepest ocean blues cherry reds and pretty pinks. These aesthetics are infused with coveted fabrications including rich velvets and romantic lace.

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Words by Katie Farley

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