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Fashion Studio Client S.a.r.k London


Two timely styles are seen to be reinvented and given a contemporary twist by upcoming womenswear label S.a.r.k London. The classically compelling white shirt and the traditional art of embroidery are collectively experiencing a whole new lease of life, a combination of aesthetics that stereotypically were never particularly identified as trendy, are now appealing to a younger audience, thanks to celebrity stylist Lauren Grant and her offering of smart albeit playful pieces.

The industry influencer established S.a.r.k in January of this year, with the aim of paying homage to the classic white shirt at the same time as injecting the obligatory wardrobe must-have with somewhat rebellious embroidery and cheeky detailing. Lauren extracts inspiration from a cabinet of her own teenage memories, a miscellaneous dichotomy of objects such as bic lighters, Prozac pills and Bakewell tarts are creatively emblazoned and embroidered onto the collars and peaking out the breast pockets of her crisp, tailored white shirts.

No longer resembling your grandmother’s embroidery collections, S.a.r.k’s shirts transpire to be anything but outmoded and instead are infused with quirk, creativity and are given a modern flair. The garments are made in London and arrive with metal buttons that are created bespoke in Birmingham, with detailing that attains the wonderful ability to transport you back to adolescence, to a period of Guy Bourdain glamour, suburban Boots stores and bad habits.

“The formality, the heritage and the way the white shirt works as a blank canvas somehow encapsulates fine tailoring and effortlessness at the same time”, explains Lauren Grant, who has injected her unique flair on the lapels of an array of celebrities, such as Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, Erin O’Connor, Florence Welch, Ellie Goulding and Anna Calvi.

Lauren’s childhood in suburbia outside London, as well as additional glamorous aesthetics, looming over the Atlantic jointly notify her designs that appear archetypal at first glance but when closely inspected emerge as decadently different.

S.a.r.k London is just one of the fantastic brands the Fashion Studio works with, a service that spotlights many exciting and unseen fashion brands, as well as assisting individuals ‘create and build your own fashion brand’. Click here to check out how The Fashion Studio can help you.

Words by Katie Farley

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