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Fashion Studio Client: Fifty One Apparel


‘Cool Clothes for Hot Women’

The Fashion Studio based at Fashion-Enter ltd’s Factory in North London is where all first patterns, toiling, seals, grades, sampling and short run production from 1 unit to 300 units take place. It is also the first port of call for start-up brands and designers to get their ideas off the page and into the initial stages of production.

One such start-up is Fifty One Apparel, a label started by two friends that specialises in clothing for menopausal women. Hot flushes are a very uncomfortable symptom of the menopause, which can disrupt sleep and make women feel very self-conscious, they are also a symptom that can last for several years. Fifty One Apparel clothing uses the latest climate control technology to ensure heat is taken away from the body and stored and released back when the body begins to cool down, thus keeping the wearer cool and dry, day and night.

The technology used in Fifty One Apparel products was originally developed by NASA, which utilises a “Phase Change” material that absorbs, stores and releases heat for optimum comfort. The technology uses a method of micro encapsulation where the phase change materials are permanently enclosed in a polymer shell and called Thermocules. This encapsulation process makes the Thermocules durable and means that Fifty One Apparel fabrics continually regulates the skins climate.

Many cooling fabrics use a “wicking” mechanism to draw the sweat away from the body leaving the body cool but this technology controls the production of moisture before it begins to form, so that the body enjoys a stable temperature. This is the only phase change material that carries the “Certified Space Technology” seal of approval.

To develop the launch range incorporating this innovative fabric Louise Nicholson approached the Fashion Studio. She said: “Fashion-Enter ltd has been a fantastic resource for us to help build our brand Fifty One Apparel. To have a facility offering a service of patterns/ samples and grading but also small runs to be carried out which is of great benefit in preventing holding stock and tying up money unnecessarily. Managing stocks is important as we understand what styles and colours appeal to our target market.”

Currently the brand has 12 wardrobe staple products on offer such as leggings, V-neck tops and Pyjamas with more in the pipeline for development.

So far the customer reviews have been fantastic with not only menopausal women but also international travellers and those working in hot environments.

All I can say is thank you to Michelle Heaton for tweeting about this fantastic company, I ordered the V-neck in grey and leggings and they are amazing. I’m in the process of ordering more. Fantastic quality and great for the menopausal woman.” – Linda James.

“Comfy to sleep in and smart enough to wear round the house – and out for a coffee, I love these. All the fabrics on this website feel of such good quality and clothes seem very well made. Going to treat myself to another pair, and start buying the t-shirts for my younger friends’ 50th’s. Really cooling fabric.” – R.S.

Find out more about Fifty One Apparel in this recent BBC interview (about 18 minutes into the programme).

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