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Fashion Industry Future: Time to Embrace Change


The UK fashion landscape is battered. Sales are hard to maintain and cash strapped consumers are returning items at a rapid rate – with some etailers this can be as high as 70%. 

Against the backdrop of rising inflation, higher pay awards, a general inertia after Covid more cost cutting will occur, mass clearance of deadstock clogging up the warehouses will also occur and redundancy warnings are already out there. 

But there is most definitely hope, and with every changing landscape there are new ways forward.

Fashion-Enter Ltd has had to go through a major transformation by being nimble, by being a solid team that moves as one and incorporating lean practices at every element of manufacturing has enabled change. 

Here we look at the future in this short three minute video. Special thanks to Ian Morris who came up with this idea. 

Video and concept by Ian Morrisian@immassociates.co.uk

Video featuring Jennifer Holloway Louise Laing Kornit Digital Fashion Technology Academy PhygitalTwin

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