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Fashion – Enter’s Apprenticeship Programme Featured by London’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry


As an independent training provider of fashion and textile apprenticeships we believe in training the next generation to ensure skills gaps within the business are filled. Fashion-Enter’s commitment to apprentices and the apprenticeship program has been featured in the March/April 22 Chamber of Commerce and Industry publication: London Business Matters.

Louis-Christian Pendegrass, the Apprenticeship Tutor at FEL since March 2020, stated in the article:

Our position at Fashion-Enter Ltd is to fill the skills gaps being experienced in the garment making and manufacturing areas of the UK fashion industry, by facilitating training through apprenticeships. We help in on boarding new talent and getting them out into the industry.

All of our courses focus on easing the apprentices into the work environment and the key skills and knowledge they will need. The scheme of work for each course is designed to develop apprentice’s knowledge and skills and also their confidence, starting at the beginning and working their way through their role to a place where they are taking on more responsibility.

“The advantage of apprenticeships is in the experience gained, where ultimately you have a skilled member of staff who has learned your business from the ground up in their role and is there to provide live industry knowledge in the best possible environment at Fashion-Enter.

“The apprentices we train are the future of our business and our industry, with the agile nature of the apprenticeship training model, now making it easier than ever for us to adapt it and use in a way that suits the company’s needs – all of which is essential in creating an agile, adaptive and confident workforce. It is really important for employers to take on the responsibility of being a mentor, to support their employees, to give them the opportunities to learn and grow in their role and to stretch and challenge them so that they have the confidence to succeed.”

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