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Fashion – Enter Wales: Novelle Yarn Desk Top Research: Source of Recycled Materials #6


As the team continue with their ongoing desktop research for the Novelle Yarn recycling feasibility study with SMARTCryum, Richard Carter, Business Development Manager of the Potter Group (joint collaborators with Fashion-Enter Ltd on the project) has been busy searching for a partner who can provide recycled textiles.

These textiles will provide the fibres which will be mixed with virgin wool to create a sustainable product that combines recycled materials and supports the Welsh wool industry.

Richard has identified JMP Willcox based in Bilston as a key company that we need to visit to gain an understanding of waste recycling within the UK. https://jmpwilcox.co.uk/

JMP Willcox collects more than 900 tonnes of unwanted clothing from 3.500 collection points every week.
The initial call off from this mountain of clothing they make is to identify items that will need no added cost and can be sold on as reusable items. 

More than 37,000 tonnes of reusable clothing is sold via the export market every year.

Sales by Wilcox within the UK represent 10% of their total production – this is where items not fit for purpose as reusable clothing become industrial wiping product, flock rags or mixed felt material.

Initially this is the product category we will be investigating to see if this will provide a flock which can be successfully combined with wool to form a 50/50 yarn which meets all of the criteria required to manufacture on a commercial basis.

Richard is also engaging with Leeds University to set up a test regime of yarns spun from wool and varying grades of recycled textiles to identify their individual properties.

More desktop research with SMARTCryum and Potter Group on this sustainable project next week.

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