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Fashion Enter to attend Mid Wales Regional Economic Framework Meeting


As Fashion-Enter settles into its new factory in Wales, CEO Jenny Holloway has been invited by the Welsh government to attend a forum seeking further input of the Mid Wales Regional Economic Framework (REF).

The meeting is set to take place 24th November with the aim of starting a conversation around the economy and new ways of collaborative working.

Wales Factory

About the REF:

The Welsh Government Economic Action Plan sets out the ambition to develop Regional Economic Frameworks (REF) for each of the regions, as a vehicle to help promote collaborative regional planning and delivery amongst partners, working to a shared vision and a set of common economic development objectives.  In taking forward development of the REFs we are cognisant of the immediate reset and recovery required in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic but also the need to establish and set out the longer-term aspirations for Mid Wales.

Working closely with our local authority partners and key stakeholders including the private sector, our aim will be to develop a REF for Mid Wales in the spirit of co-production and co-delivery. We have secured the services of the Co-production Network for Wales to provide the expertise to support the team and our partners to co-design and co-develop the REF and engage with a broad range of stakeholders with an interest in the regional economy.  The aim is to capture the required breadth of stakeholder engagement, with plans also in place to engage young people in the process. The approach differs from what might be considered a traditional consultation exercise to one which is far more participatory.

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