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Fashion Enter Pledges To Support the Tottenham Charter


With FashionCapital and Fashion Enter HQ based in the North of London we are delighted to support the Tottenham Regeneration Charter.

The Tottenham Charter was successfully launched in June 2017, to ensure local Young People and residents get the best opportunities from Tottenham’s regeneration. The aim of the Charter is to bring together key partners and deliver beneficial pledges. These pledges will support the core aim to provide local residents with skills and experiences that will enable them to make the most of their own opportunity and ambition.

The charter aims to Inspire: Local young people through offering more world of work experiences, paid internships, apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

Support: Local people and businesses by offering access to employment, skills and training opportunities and creating opportunities for local business. Build: The capacity of local community and voluntary sector groups by offering pro bono support, free use of event spaces and generating volunteering opportunities.

FashionCapital’s sister company, Fashion Enter, has pledged to ‘inspire Tottenham’s next generation by delivering better educational and employment outcomes for young people.’ The Fashion Enter team will be hosting an Open Day factory tour and will talk to local young people about the various routes to learning and employment in the fashion and textile sector.

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