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Fashion – Enter on the BBC News Making Scrubs for the NHS


Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Factory featured on the BBC News today, 2nd April 2020, as it got its first delivery of fabric to make scrubs and masks for the NHS.  UK manufacturers were asked to complete a survey over two weeks ago by the Cabinet Office asking what protective equipment they would be able to make.

While some manufacturers are still waiting to hear if their services are required Fashion Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway based in North London got a confirmed order for 5,000 sets of scrubs, which began on the 1st April 2020. “ASOS have really encouraged us to stop their production in favour of the NHS,” Jenny commented. “It could have happened a couple of weeks earlier if I am honest. We are now looking at at least 20,000 a week. We have ladies in need of work so we are going to go for it.”

The news item included other UK manufacturers working around the clock to ensure that health and social care staff have the protective equipment they need, alongside others that are still waiting to hear if they can be a part of this much needed effort.

Tap the link to view the BBC News at One 02/04/2020

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