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Fashion Enter On BBC Radio 5 Live


Rise and shine on Monday 21st May our very own CEO Jenny Holloway was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live and talking skills and education in the garment manufacturing sector with Guy Kilty and Louise Cooper.

Click here to listen to the Wake Up to Money show which went out live this morning. (Please note this is only available for 29 days after the 21st May.) Jenny is interviewed 40 minutes into the programme and she discusses how the off-shoring in production over the last 30-years has created a skills gap in the sector creating the need for the company to invest in Stitching and Fashion Technology Academy’s.

Rounding up the interview Jenny was asked about developments over the next 2 – 3 years she responded:

“We are recruiting more and more people, we run an apprenticeship programme which has been highly successful. We’ve engaged with 33 retailers with that, so we are anticipating more and more British people having those skills, and it is a fabulous career.”






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