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Fashion – Enter Ltd Joins Local Community Event for Great Big Green Week


Fashion-Enter Ltd joined a local event for the Great Big Green Week 2022 (24th September – 2nd October) at the Chestnuts Community Centre on St Ann’s Road in Haringey, north London. This was a unique event that aims to Re-invent, Re-define and Re-purpose garments and combustibles to ensure that borough of Haringey is leading in sustainability. There was a wide cross section of activities including; 2nd Time Around Eco Market, Urban Arts and Crafts, a review of local Green jobs in the borough and what training is available in Green sustainability, a look at what sustainable business really means, carbon champions and insight into how to tackle food waste borough wide.

Fashion-Enter Ltd’s CEO Jenny Holloway presented an overview of why fashion has become unfashionable today and why Gen Z in particular are backlashing against high street brands and etailers. Jenny talked through a powerpoint that explained where Fashion-Enter Ltd used to be – manufacturing of 30,000 pieces a week and where they are today with their aim of producing one-piece-flow and using the very latest technologies to achieve this aim. 

Jenny commented: “A big thank-you to Teelo from Frame Perfect for inviting Fashion-Enter Ltd to speak at this really positive event. I really enjoyed speaking to the TM Cic regarding the Circular Economy implemented and how they are gifted donations that they then repurpose. What a great business model.” 

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