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Fashion – Enter CEO – Talks To Just – Style About Boris Johnson’s Resignation


Breaking news 7th July 2022: Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO Jenny Holloway talked to Just-Style.com about the concerns from the UK apparel sector in light of Boris Johnson’s resignation.

In the article Jenny discusses the future of the apparel industry and how we must move forward to support making in the UK.

From Just-Style.com:

‘Fashion-Enter Ltd’s CEO Jenny Holloway tells Just Style exclusively she is concerned Johnson’s resignation could put his alleged pledge to help the UK apparel sector move towards a more sustainable and circular model into jeopardy. 

She says: “Our immediate concern for the industry is what will happen to this funding as it was not officially signed off, and with all the new digital technology such as Kornit digital printers and the need for fast response now is the time to invest in making in the UK.” 

Holloway explains Fashion-Enter Ltd was excited about Johnson allegedly announcing a support package for the apparel industry because she felt it could help the organisation’s wool project with waste management company The Potter Group. 

The wool project received a small amount of funding in March 2022 to review how Welsh wool can be used in commercial production and Fashion-Enter Limited explains that two retailers are keen to use Welsh wool and in both woven and jersey format.

As part of the project Fashion-Enter Limited formed an alliance with Fashion Roundtable and started to formulate coherent strategies to combine wool with other less traditional yarns to review recycling and upcycling.

Fashion-Enter Ltd opened what it described as ‘the world’s most sustainable garment micro-factory’ in March and told Just Style at the time that creating apparel ‘from pixel to parcel’ in one location is the future of fashion and to survive, the industry needs to embrace it.

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