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Fashion Declares: Putting Regenerative Fashion Front and Centre


Showing that regenerative fashion can take centre stage in the luxury sector, activist and British pioneer of sustainable, responsible and cruelty-free fashion Lucy Tammam presented a fully sustainable London Fashion Week presentation ‘Fashion Declares! REGENERATION,’ featuring the work of over 20 specially selected designers and artisans.

Demonstrating that renewable and regenerative fashion is the industry’s future in both creative and economic terms, Tammam’s experience and exacting couturier’s eye staged a show that demanded attention truly challenging industry perceptions around sustainability. 

Regenerative Fashion Conference led by author and social entrepreneur Safia Minney MBE

Ms Tammam says: “I’ve always believed in the power of fashion for change, cutting-edge fashion presented in a way that looks incredible, which also helps protect our planet and our place in it. I’ve advocated long and hard for ethical, sustainable, circular fashion and traceable manufacturing since I started designing. Now in my 16th year, it feels like the industry is finally starting to wake up, and see that this is the only viable option.” 

The catwalk presentation featured an exciting and exquisite array of garments and accessories made using some of the most innovative regenerative materials available today. From haute embroidery to upcycled denim, each piece was carefully chosen for its provenance, ethical production processes, and unparalleled style. 


Notable designers included: Tammam (Bird Dress/Crin Dress + Climate Cape), People Tree (archive including collaborations with Bora Asku, Lee, Richard Nichol) Zandra Rhodes, Prickly Thistle, Outsider, Safia Minney (with Swallows, Dev Tech)  

Up-and-coming names included: Anciela, Wild Daisy, Slanh House, Raffia Salti, Lee Hoang Son, Kinabuhi, Sanja Stories, HD Wool/Ste.Marg.Scot, Munib Nawaz, April & Alex, Naomi Kirkwood and The Space Factory. With accessories from: Inka noir, Elvis & Kresse, Been.

Fashion Declares is a grassroots, non-profit organisation committed to creating a fair and resilient fashion industry that prioritises people and the planet. Its mission is twofold: to raise awareness of the climate, ecological, and social crises and to empower individuals within the industry to drive change. The ‘Fashion Declares! REGENERATION presentation took place alongside panel discussions with industry professionals including: Tamara Cincik, founder and CEO of Fashion Roundtable and Tamsin Lejeune, founder and CEO of the Common Objective, as well as live performances in the warm up to London Fashion Week on 14th September 2023.

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