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Factory Open Day


Last Friday, 13th April, Fashion Enter opened its factory doors for an informal ‘Open Day’ aimed at aspiring designers, fashion enthusiasts and learners to gain valuable knowledge on how an ethical factory works and to get a first-hand look at the garment production process.

The day began with Fashion Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway giving an informative Masterclass entitled ‘Know Your Ethical Factory.’ The session thoroughly explained each element of the garment production process from the different types of audits to what makes a factory compliant, the needle policy, the pros and cons of overseas manufactures to fabric delivery and labelling.

Shortly after the presentation attendees received a factory tour where they got to see samples being made and patterns being cut and they also got the opportunity to speak to the machinists.

Feedback from the day included:

“Loved the course.” Charlotte

“Good to know the factory from the inside.’’ Alga

“It was a good session, everything was well explained.” Edith

If you would like to attend our next open day or are interested in our courses, please email info@fashion-enter.com for more information.

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