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Exploring the Concept of Being a Sustainable Fashion Brand


If you want to create your own fashion brand today then it really does have to be sustainable. Ethical and sustainable fashion can no longer be seen as a sub-section of the industry, as we head towards 2021 the implementation of such practises will become compulsory.

Now, you might be wondering what is sustainable fashion? When we talk about sustainable fashion, then it means how a brand impacts the environment. Sustainable materials that can naturally biodegrade tend to last longer and you will not need to replace them as often.

For example, cotton, linen and wood pulp are some of the examples of sustainable materials. The truth is that starting fashion brand that is truly sustainable can be a daunting task.

Finding the best materials to start your sustainable fashion brand…

You can always incorporate cotton in your designs. As a brand owner, you will come across two types of cotton. You will come across conventional cotton and organic cotton. What makes organic cotton stand out is that it does not use harmful pesticides.

The best thing about organic cotton is that it does not have any negative effect on the environment or on those working with the material. Other fabrics to consider include: bamboo, Piñatex, linen, hemp, Lyocell, Modal, Tencel, Rayon, Viscose, Econyl (recycled Nylon), wool, cashmere and peace silk.

Coming up with the design concept…

Thorough research of your target market will help you perceive what your customers will like and respond to. This combined with your unique signature style will ensure that your brand stands out.

Remember, if you want to have a truly sustainable brand, then you need to take the environmental factors for each step of the garment production process into consideration. As a result, you cannot afford to go wrong here. It is vital that you take care of the little things including things such as labels, hangers and packaging – the message needs to be consistent. For example, your brand should not endorse the use of plastic materials. All these aspects will help to give a unique identity to your brand.

Promoting your sustainable brand…

Now, it is crucial for you to promote your sustainable brand too. The best approach will be to use social media for this purpose. The benefit of social media is that it tends to connect people with similar values.

You also need to have a blog and website so that you can promote your school of thought with ease. When you want to promote your sustainable brand, then keywords hold immense significance. You need to think about the right words that define your brand. You need to use words like ‘recycled’ and ‘eco-friendly’.

In the beginning you will need to put in some extra effort to entice customers. It would not be a bad idea to offer some perks such as a free gift or accessory with each purchase.

Customers will appreciate this generous token and it will help to build loyalty on their part. When it comes to free perks, one idea in line with the style of the brand is to offer cute pin badges. It’s about keeping customers happy and interested and building on that brand loyalty.

Start your sustainable clothing brand now and you will be a part of the revolution that is now evolving in the global fashion industry.

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