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Excelling Social Value Goals at the FC Designer Workspace


When we first started the Affordable Workspace program with the FC Designer Workspace on Durham Road in north London, it was a totally new concept and program for the merry team at Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL). 

We were so impressed with the concept that there would be a total renovation of a derelict underground car park that would then offer an affordable creative space and learning facility for local creatives and designers. FEL had to pitch for the contract and we were under stiff competition. Fortunately FEL won the program with the proviso that we would create £1m of social value over a ten year period. This would include career mentoring, business advice and support and working with the community, which is exactly what FEL is all about. 

To start with we had to find our way; what is affordable to one person is too expensive for another, however we always acted with impartiality, we were always transparent and actually, we care for our learners as well as our designers. 

This is why we are delighted to confirm that as of end March 24 we have generated £1,067m worth of social value in just 4.5 years – and this was during Covid too!  

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway comments: “This fantastic output has been achievable thanks to the amazing support of the Islington Council, who have been amazing with an open door policy to advise. 

“There is a lesson here for everyone. We should not be afraid to venture into new programs and opportunities.  All risks need to be calculated risks but this has been one outstanding program that we are all immensely proud of.”    

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