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Nick Gould Legal Eagle Surgery


On Wednesday 15th November, FashionCapital held another brilliant ‘Legal Eagle Surgery’ with guest speaker Nick Gould solicitor and partner of the gunnercooke law firm in London.

The seminar began with Nick and the guests introducing themselves to each other, Nick then introduced the topics that he planned to discuss.

Guests included a mix of designers, apprentices and students, Nick began with the laws they should be aware of when starting or building their brands. For instance the importance of agreements he states that “it’s always good to write or make a visual documentation of a legal agreement as it can aid you legally to protect your businesses.”

As most of the guests owned start-up businesses, Nick informed them in more detail about methods to use when collecting evidence that is legally binding to agreements and contracts. He also explained in detail the difference between employer contracts, employee contracts and contract protection.

One of the most asked questions was regarding intellectual property and the most suitable type for their business. Nick clarified the different types of intellectual property such as; patents, copyright and trademarks and explained the benefits of all three. Nick states: “Intellectual Property protects how you make money i.e. your brand. But as a start-up business it’s best to use a trademark as security for your business and brand as it’s affordable and reliable. It also improves brand loyalty and brand recognition as your collections and designs cannot be duplicated.”  

Overall the ‘Legal Eagle Surgery’ was a success as there was a positive and energetic feel in the room as guests discussed with Nick the different sectors of the law to enable brand and business security. We look forward to further ‘Legal Eagle Surgeries’ with Nick Gould in the near future!

Here are some feedback comments:

“It was a very good discussion from a knowledgeable business expert, I have learnt a lot about laws of contract and setting up a business.” Ria Aubisette

“I have gained more knowledge of intellectual property rights and the laws to consider when setting up a business.” Alex Wayman

“I learnt all about patents, IP infringements and laws in employment. I’m looking forward to the next surgery!” Christabel Kumuyi

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