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FEL’s AI in Fashion Conference – 21st February


Fashion-Enter Ltd’s AI in Fashion Conference in partnership with InnovateUK KTN and Style3D is a not-to-miss event. Topics to be discussed include: AI in current design and textiles, circularity and sustainability along with AI for track and trace.

Speakers include:

Dr Steve Morris (@weareInnovateUK KTN)

Eric Liu (@Style3D_official & @stylist3d_official) – AI in the current design

Anne Toomey (@RCA_fashion) – AI and design of textiles 

Kate Goldsworthy (@Chelseaual) – Circularity and sustainability

Dr Hilde Heim (@mcrfashioninstitute) – AI for track and trace

Peter Witham (@UnderArmour@Lacoste@Nike) – Design

The AI in Fashion Conference will explore how artificial intelligence is here now, and how it can be used positively within the fashion industry to enhance sustainability within the sector.

Taking place on Wednesday 21st February at FEL’s HQ in Haringey.

Please note due to limited space the AI in Fashion Conference is an invite only event.

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