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Fast Forward Online Fashion to 2019


Thanks to the internet fashion has never been so democratic, forget huge advertising campaigns and glitzy launch parties the likes of social media, authenticity and personlisation are high on the agenda as we head into fashion and retail 2019. The snag: can you keep up with it all?


Future Fashion Trends and Opportunities:


  1. Find your niche – make your brand authentic and personalized to your target consumer. The days of mass selling are over; it’s about providing a more personalized shopping experience whether it’s via messaging, offers or unique tie-in events.


  1. Responsive technology – implementing ecommerce automation tools that can analyse shopper’s behaviour and offer highly relevant and personalized customer experiences.


  1. E-mail marketing – a cost effective way to keep in regular contact with your target audience, gain more followers, build brand awareness, promote sales and events. An established brand using email-marketing systems effectively should see an increase of 35 – 50% in sales as a result.


  1. Availability and a bargain mentality. Savvy shoppers will search the web to compare what’s available where and at what price. Retailers need to be smart with value, price and availability – this can be one of the most difficult aspect of retailing to get right.


  1. Know where your consumer spends their time. There’s lots of noise about multi-channel ecommerce and that’s because it’s highly effective. By integrating the various social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook Shops, Buyable Pins, can open up your online audience considerably.


And what as an online retailer you need to watch:


  1. Product returns can be incredibly high in sectors like fashion where fit is crucial. Serial returners can be segmented in email marketing set-ups so they receive less offers that promote free shipping for example.


  1. Competition, fast fashion is easy to replicate and larger companies can always undercut smaller sellers, this is where you need to ensure that you have a unique, authentic voice and excellent customer care.


  1. Are you products sustainable? Millennials are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability and environmental issues. What are your products made from? Do you know how ethical the supply chain is? Every element needs consideration as recent studies reveal, “more than 9 in 10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause”. If your products are ethically made from sustainable fibres then you need to shout out about it.

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