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Engagement Ring Trends 2021


Selecting the best engagement ring isn’t easy. You have to consider several factors before deciding to buy one. It also helps if you understand the trends in engagement rings that might be more popular from 2021 onwards. Here are some of them.

Customised rings

The best way to impress your partner is to buy a customised ring. It shows how special your partner is to you. The customised ring provides an additional layer to the traditional ring and makes it more meaningful. You can find the best customised engagement rings here.

Classic shape with a modern stone

Another trend is the use of classic styles for the ring. The ring itself is very simple. However, it becomes outstanding with the stone choice. The silhouette of a traditional ring looks pretty, but the unique twist on the stone makes it stand out. If you choose a diamond, it will most likely pop.

Heirloom inspired rings

If you have a ring as an heirloom, it means a lot. The ring got passed from one generation to another. However, if you don’t have it in your family, look for rings that are heirloom-inspired. It’s even better if they have old European cuts. Even if they’re not an actual heirloom, they look like one. You can even start a family tradition with this ring. The unique patterns make the ring even more special.

The north south east west prongs

If you’re not yet familiar with this design, it will probably be among the most popular options in the years to come. The NSEW prosper compass prongs look simple and elegant. There’s a traditional spin on the ring. The regular emerald-cut engagement ring will look extra special.

Alternative stones and metals

For engagement rings, diamonds and emeralds are among the top choices. These are classic options, and you won’t go wrong with them. However, if you want to be bolder, consider alternative stones. They include sapphire, tourmaline, and other colored stones. They’re not the usual engagement rings, but they have an undeniable appeal.

Speaking of alternatives, La Manso, a new jewelry label famous among celebrities, boasts its playful design that offer a 90’s nostalgic feel. These designs were inspired by the grandmother of Adriana Manso, and her collection of acrylic jewelry. They might also work as engagement rings.

While these alternative stones are great, it won’t be the same classic with metals. Traditional options like gold and platinum will remain popular. With their hardness, jewelry designers suggest to have them intricately engraved.

Skinny thin bands

Back then, engagement rings were big and overwhelming. These days, more women prefer using skinny thin bands. The ring might look small, but it can still catch attention. It also looks good on the hands. Women with slender fingers will even stand out with thin bands. The design looks perfect for them.

Elongated rings

If you want to try a unique engagement ring, look for an elongated ring. It’s more expensive since it contains several stones. They look fancy and sophisticated. These rings personify old-school glamor and elegance. However, be careful in choosing this style. It only fits women with a larger-than-life personality. If your partner wants something simple, it might not be the right choice.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/01EIiXiLPCk

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