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Educational Monitoring Visit From Capital City College Group


Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) has a long established, proven track record on delivery of vocational skills in fashion stitching and pattern making. It is never enough to teach by ticking boxes and ensuring that the portfolios are correct to criteria. FEL aims to embed long-term learning into the memory of each learner and to ensure that every learner that crosses into the Fashion Technology Academies (FTA) in Wales, Haringey, Islington and Leicester has an excellent learning experience. 

Jenny Holloway CEO at Fashion-Enter Ltd commented: “We have an excellent track record with Capital City College Group (CCCG) and have seen our training provision increase year-on-year with CCCG and they are a pleasure to work with. We find their team excellent in all respects and we were particularly proud of our monitoring visit in October 2022. 

“We received the report in November and have now signed off all matters outstanding. We want to learn and we always state what the truthful evaluations are with our SAR and QIP. The new frameworks that have a deep dive into intent, implementation and impact is perfect for our organisation. We are really pleased with the resulting forward direction we have for our learners. Thank-you to Chris and Rosie from CCCG for their genuine support.”

The report was received at the beginning December 2022 and concluded:  

Overall Outcomes 

Visit outcome for “assessed risk” was graded as High / Medium / Low risk  

The reasons for this outcome were: 

Fashion Enter Ltd remains an ideal offer in terms of the dual-purpose location visited in Haringey. The benefits remained clear throughout the visit of the links to the live working environment, modern industry technology and equipment, excellent on-site teaching and learning facilities and a forward-thinking leadership team. This has been further improved by the recruitment to a Head of Quality post, who has been very proactive in following up recommendations from previous visit. Future progression and employment are integral to all the qualifications offered. Processes from IAG through induction, to on-program monitoring and progression are robust, as are the assessment processes and IQA. All the key areas checked met or exceeded the requirements as outlined above.  

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