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Dressing the World’s First Robot Artist


There are times when a project heads your way with ‘very special’ plastered all over it. So when designer Zoe Corsellis came to Fashion Enter with a collection of designs for Ai-Da, the world’s very first robot artist, how could we not get involved?

Ai-Da, named after the mathematician and computer pioneer Ada Lovelace, was unveiled at a press conference at the University of Oxford last Wednesday 5th June 2019. Described as “the world’s first ultra-realistic AI humanoid robot artist” Ai-Da’s first solo show consists of eight drawings, 20 paintings, four sculptures and two video works. Remarkably the show has already sold out with over a million pounds worth of artworks sold. Aiden Mellor, her inventor and gallery owner told the press that Ai-Da brings “a new voice” to the art world, “pioneering a new AI art movement.” Ai-Da is capable of drawing people from life using her eye and a pencil in her hand. She has a “RoboThespian” body, featuring an expressive range of movements and she has the ability to talk and respond to humans.

Aiden approached his friend, fashion designer Zoe Corsellis, to create a range of outfits for Ai-Da to wear. From creating art to speaking at interviews Zoe designed five dresses for Ai-Da that feature the designers signature retro style and panelling details. With ethical manufacturing and fabric sustainability at the forefront of her brand Zoe asked Fashion Enter to manufacture the garments. CEO of Fashion Enter Jenny Holloway said: “It’s actually been a smooth process. OK, the dimensions are different but we’ve got the pattern cutters and specialist staff to be able to cater with that. It’s actually fitted together really well and she’s going to be the best dressed robot you have ever seen.”

Ai-Da’s solo exhibition ‘Unsecured Futures’ runs from June 12 until July 6 at St John’s College, University of Oxford, she was manufactured by Engineered Arts in Cornwall, while her clothing kept the project truly British with Zoe Corsellis’ designed and made in Britain brand.

Click here to watch Zoe’s video on dressing Ai-Da featuring an appearance from our CEO Jenny Holloway.

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