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Drapers: Why fashion falls short: retailers respond to MPs’ sustainability charges


On the 6th February Drapers published a damning article by Angela Rumse entitled: ‘Why fashion falls short: retailers respond to MPs’ sustainability charges’. The article discusses how MPs have criticised UK fashion businesses for failing to prioritise sustainability in their company policies, and have called on them to participate fully in industry initiatives to tackle social and environmental issues.

Mary Creagh, chair of the environmental audit committee commented: It’s shocking to see that a group of major retailers are failing to take action to promote environmental sustainability and protect their workers.”

As keen advocates for ethical, transparent and Made in the UK fashion production our own CEO Jenny Holloway is quoted in the article. She said: “With the Home Office announcing it will name and shame suppliers who are not paying decent rates, now is the time for buyers to look at their supply base. Being transparent about who you work with is part of that.”

To read the full article via Drapers Online click here.




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