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Diversity at the Heart of Haringey


Fashion-Enter Ltd’s HQ, including the Factory, Fashion Studio, Fashion Technology Academy and FashTech Innovation Centre, is based in the north London borough of Haringey, the 5th most ethnically diverse borough in the country. Over 65% of residents come from non-White British communities, and 190 different languages are spoken in Haringey’s schools. This cultural and ethnic mix is reflected in our own workplace and forms the creative and dynamic backbone of the Fashion-Enter team.

Jenny Holloway CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd comments:

When we created Fashion-Enter in 2006 we could have opened a workspace anywhere in London! We did however decide very early on that the only place to open was Haringey. 

“Haringey has a seriously big manufacturing cluster that has a wide cross section of skilled workers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The majority of workers within our current factory based at Haringey’s Crusader Estate are Romanian, Bulgarian and Polish. We also have traditional Greek machinists and cutters too and the Factory Manager, Chris, is Greek Cypriot who has been involved in the industry for over 45-years. Chris is amazing, his knowledge is extensive and I have never come across anyone like him. Other nationalities at the Factory include: Turkish, Jamaican, American, Spanish and Chinese. 

The workforce at Fashion-Enter reflects the diversity within the borough and through education and learning via our Fashion Technology Academy we are constantly trying to introduce newly qualified learners into our workforce. It’s not always easy but we are certainly trying! 

“In the future we predict that the new technologies of Kornit with digital printing and Zund with automatic cutting will bring in new entrants to the industry. These are exciting times and we are most definitely in unchartered waters, however we are fortunate to have so many individuals with fashion industry skills right here on our doorstep.”  

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