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Digital Fashion Week: The Future of Fashion Goes Beyond the Physical


On the 15th + 16th September Digital Fashion Week invited attendees to explore endless possibilities through the Metaverse, AI and the very latest 3D technologies. 

The two day event held at the HQ of Epic Games UK was organised by Clare Tattersall, (Digital Fashion Week NYC. London. Paris | Fashion Innovation IRL x URL | FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp Mentor | Metaverse Fashion Council Advisory Board | Web3 Prize Jury Member) ran parallel with London Fashion Week, and showcased innovative creativity from digital and traditional fashion designers from all around the globe.

Day 1 focused on panel discussions, innovation sharing and networking. The first discussion saw Moderator: Zofia Zwieglinska – Glossy, Aleksija Vujicic – Investor, Holly Wood — Holly Wood Labs, Alex van Gestel  — EPAM Systems Inc, Stefan Kovach – Rarer Things, discuss the topic of ‘How Luxury Brands Can Build and Maintain Strong Relationships with their Customers in the Digital Age.’

Key examples included the likes of Burberry, Gucci and Balenciaga openly incorporating digital into their brand offering. The increasing appeal of online purchasing over the last decade has made fashion brands sit up and invest in Web3. Luxury brands can see that there will be a real tangible connection between the digital and the physical, however, that said, the panel agreed that fashion, compared to the beauty sector, has been slow on the uptake. Aleksija Vujicic boldly declared that ‘Fashion Week is dead’ and that for brands, large and small, there is a need to engage their customers digitally and to rethink the traditional loyalty model.

Day 2 gave attendees the chance to explore various digital concepts through new and exciting experiences such as the virtual dressing room; taking designs straight from the catwalk and trying them on. These could be styled and customised to your own personal taste with technology from SPIN by Lablaco. Other examples included building brand presence with Meta avatars to customise in virtual and augmented environments, and how technology can provide a seamless fashion experience by offering styles digitally which can then be made to order physically.

At Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) the benefits of technology such as Style3D and Optitex really do provide an efficient, creative and sustainable way to develop fashion design ideas. No more time-consuming sampling and trials, the tech is so advanced that designers can instantly see how the fabric will stretch, move and work on a 3D avatar. 

Day 2 at Digital Fashion Week was also about presenting a global selection of digital designers showing their visions both on screen and in reality. At FEL we have been super excited to work alongside PhygitalTwin on a variety of projects. The team at FEL have turned digital designs by Blanc de Blanc x PhygitalTwin and Stephy Fung x Phygital Twin into physical garments, thanks to the brilliant Kornit Digital printing and Fashion Studio facilities situated at FEL’s HQ in Haringey. Both the digital and physical designs were showcased on models during Digital Fashion Week alongside multiple others.

Blanc de Blanc x PhygitalTwin
Blanc de Blanc x PhygitalTwin
Stephy Fung x PhygitalTwin
Stephy Fung x PhygitalTwin

Showing at both London Fashion Week and Digital Fashion Week, Accidental Cutting by Eva Iszoro for the very first time presented the entire collection with the use of artificial intelligence. Working with volume, layers and applying an experimental pattern cutting method the collection is described as the brand’s most joyful and carefree.

Accidental Cutting by Eva Iszoro
Accidental Cutting by Eva Iszoro

Earlier this year, Style3D, a global pioneer in digital fashion solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Fashion-Enter Ltd. This collaboration marks the birth of the first Styleverse Innovation Centre within Fashion-Enter’s Haringey factory in North London and the launch of a specialised 3D design training facility.


FEL CEO Jenny Holloway said: “When I first reviewed Style3D I knew this was the first inclusive system that would work for all; designer, a garment tech, pattern cutter and learners at any level. The system is easy to use and effective allowing time to be saved and it’s collaborative. All cloud based.

“Everything is changing in fashion but there are always two constants; saving time and money, then speed to market. There’s a new breed of designers too – those with a following online that are not traditionally trained in fashion, want ethics and control over their destiny. They are the new creators.

“Style3D has these solutions for all and I really believe that one of the core reasons for this is Eric Liu who has a deep knowledge of manufacturing. Then the senior management team has vast experience in 3D and technical software solutions. It’s one amazing team Style3D.”

The Styleverse Innovation Centre at Fashion-Enter Ltd is due to open later this year alongside FEL’s micro factory services.

There’s no ignoring digital fashion, the idea, much like fashion, is to constantly develop and evolve. There is a big black cloud over the fashion industry in terms of environmental damage, however, this is where digital can really drive positive change. From using less resources in development to the proven advantages of virtual try-on; higher chance of purchase – less chance of return, not to mention the possibilities across virtual and the metaverse, digital really can make the fashion industry a better place. 

Digital Fashion Week will continue with a Paris edition – 28th – 29th September.  

JoJo Iles

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